Animal Cuts

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts is a thermogenic weight loss supplement aimed towards more serious body builders who want to further define their bodies the quick and safe way. It contains no epehedra which has been proven to be not only ineffective but may also be unsafe if used over a long period of time. Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts offers a combination of ingredients such as thyroid stimulants, diuretics, thermogenics and mood enhancement herbs to help boost weight loss efforts. The formula of Animal Cuts is composed of ingredients that help burn fat, reduce bloating, stimulates the thyroid, minimize the effects of insulin resistance and helps repair damaged neuro-transmitters that lead to depression. Animal Cuts is designed and marketed as the weight loss supplement for professional body builders.

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts has eight distinct complexes that each performs a specific function. The thermogenic complex of Animal Cuts burns the calories from stored body fat. This raises the body temperateure and provides energy to the body. Potent thermogenic ingredients in Animal Cuts include caffeine anhydrous and herbs rich in methylxanthine: kola nut, guarana, yerba mate, and more. These thermogenics boosts the body’s natural ability to burn fat via thermogenesis. The metabolic complex of Animal Cuts helps increase the body’s core metabolism through the use of potent tea extracts that are rich in polyphenol. Boosting the body’s core metabolism results to an increase in the rate at which the body converts consumed food into energy.  This means less of the food consumed will be stored as body fat.

The diuretic complex of Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts helps in eliminating excess water that gives the body a bloated look. Active diuretic ingredients in Animal Cuts include uva ursi, dandelion root, hydrangea root, celery seed and juniper berry. The Animal Cuts supplement includes potassium-sparing herbs to prevent depletion of key electrolytes from the body due to the diuretic effect. Optimal fat loss is achieved when the thyroid gland is working at its peak output. Animal Cuts ensures peak thyroid performance through its thyroid stimulating complex. Animal Cuts contains olive leaf and guggul extracts as well as l-tyrosine which all promote healthy thyroid gland performance.

The nootropic complex of Animal Cuts contains essential brain-boosting ingredients such as beta-phenylalanine and DMAE. These help the user maintain increase alertness and better focus during a workout. Another benefit of nootropic complex is the increased supply of oxygen to the brain. CCK Inhibitors are basically appetite suppressors. Ingredients such as hoodia, jojoba seed and cha-de-bugre help keep hunger cravings at bay. The cortisol inhibiting complex contains Ashwangandha and Magnolia bark extract. The complexes are rounded out by the special boiavailability complex that includes patented Bioperine, ginger root and citrus bioflavanoid etracts that help boost the fat shredding properties of Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts.

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